• SESSION 1: The Ancient Roots of Christian Antisemitism

    Session One will provide a historic context of Christian Antisemitism and the reasons behind the separation of Gentile Christians from the Jewish rudiments of the Christian faith. We will unveil the early beginnings of Christian anti-Judaism and the teaching of Replacement theology that inspired the Christian persecution of the Jews during the Middle Ages. This session will also familiarize participants with the different sects and tenets of Christianity. We will define the church and its relationship to Judaism.

  • SESSION 2: Christian Antisemitism in 1930s and 1940s Germany

    Session Two will examine the deep-rooted Replacement theology in the German theological academy that was prevalent years before the rise of Hitler and how this theology led to an eliminationist ideology within both Protestant and Catholic church leaders and laity.

  • SESSION 3: The Re-Awakening of Supersessionist Theology Today

    Session three will provide an overview of the resurgence of Replacement Theology within the Christian Academy today and its impact on Christianity worldwide. We will discuss the mutation of Christian Antisemitism today and the causes behind the growing anti-Israel and anti-Judaism trend in mainline and Evangelical circles today— both in the Christian academy and Christian denominations and churches.

  • SESSION 4: Toward a Redemptive Reconciliation: On the Possibilities of an Authentic Christianity Honoring the Jewish Womb of the Christian Faith

    This session will address a growing trend within the Christian Academy to challenge the ancient teaching of Replacement Theology and its implications for the future of Jewish and Christian relations. We will also discuss the nature of an authentic, informed Christianity—one that recognizes its indebtedness to Judaism and builds bridges to Jews and the Jewish community.

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